At the moment all over the world people are still devastated by this horrible coronavirus that can lead to COVID-19 lung disease. We hope all ill people will get well and can have a pleasant life after! Governments are locking down or have locked down all social and economic interaction. So for people who are not yet infected this is a good thing you shall say. And I agree. But, yes there is always a but I hear you think, on the other hand there are thousands of people that have recovered from COVID-19. They are also bound to their homes in the current lock downs.. 

Some experts say that people stay immune for 6 – 18 months. As test capacity is  becoming more and more available it probably is the right moment to start thinking about, what about post COVID-19? In my opinion Immune people are the key to saving our sociality an economies. We could ask them to start with their jobs again. Let them help fellow humans to battle this COVID-19. In other words, immune people, can start interacting on social an economic level. In order to get this proces executing faster and faster may be we can use tests on COVID-19 (accredited and validated off-course) like we use pregnancy tests. 

In this way we can imagine that testing is implemented on a wide scale and people would know that they are immune. The next thing we would need is some sort of solution where people can store the test results and have proof that they are immune. Now this is where my Solution Architectural hart starts pounding! With a combination of technical solutions we are able to provide such a system. It is a combination of existing “relatively new” technology implementations added with new to develop elements, but it is possible in my opinion. As a matter of fact, we at Stocastic are participating in the Dutch initiative “The Power Of Giving” (see this temporary page written in Dutch and read all about it) and one of the challenges that initiative is trying to solve is this proof of immunity. Further more the problem of implementing such a solution does not lay within the technological possibilities but within the current social an economic paradigms. People and have to switch in their way of providing services to the each other. Providing personal data can be done in line with privacy legislation (at least in the Netherlands), but you have to step into a new paradigm on data sharing. 

The world has changed already, we only have to see and adopt the change!