Stocastic’s five benefits for experts, company’s, challenge owners and Global.

Benefits for the expert:

  1. No organizational hurdles as in the past
  2. 24/7 access to (relevant) challenges
  3. Can liaise with fellow experts in and outside the organization
  4. Creates own track record in the Stocastic world
  5. Direct and quick contact with challenge owner

Benefits for Company:

  1. Access to all experts in and outside the company
  2. Retains and attracts experts
  3. As a results of cooperation experts, the challenge will be broadened and viewed on from all perspectives
  4. Cooperation will result in more creativity and innovation
  5. Better use of all experts in and outside the company

Benefits for the challenge owner (client):

  1. Challenge owner can challenge all experts globally
  2. As a result of cooperation from experts a better and potentially different definition of challenge will result
  3. More creative and innovative solutions
  4. 24/7 view and interaction with progress in challenge solution
  5. As a result of direct contact quicker and efficient response

Global benefits:

  1. Everybody has 24/7 access to all relevant challenges
  2. Based on challenges more global strategic insights
  3. Companies and experts can react on challenges any time
  4. Geographical borders disappear 
  5. By sharing experts solutions all (global) challenges will be solved