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Stocastic Innovation Dynamics

Challenge based

The best implementable, relevant result for any challenge owner. Working with our innovation dynamics solutions you are able to have your challenges solved and by your own experts or by accessing relevant experts in the field.

This way we create a huge diversity of knowledge that comes available and gives you, as a challenge owner, the ability to break down the mental silos in your company as well as it motivates your experts to unlock their potential to be finally relevant.

We also help you with automating everything that is not a challenge so you and your experts can focus on what is really important: Innovation!

Unlocking expert potential

For you as an expert we provide a dynamic environment to unlock your potential and to become relevant. This means you will be highly motivated and inspired by fellow experts through solving complex real-world challenges and building up a transparent and relevant track record.

We use smart contracts in the proces of creating solutions so all budget related processes are handled automatically by the smart contract.

Working together with other experts in our 3D gamified and online Stocastic environment enables cross fertilization of knowledge. Our environment is always there for you to search for challenges that need to be solved!

Securing Stocastic Assets

Stocastic Innovation Dynamics are executed in the Stocastic Innovation Dynamics Engine. Experts as well as Challenge Owners submit their created assets to the central library of the engine. We name it the Stocastic Library and it provides secure storing, searching, tagging and transparent functionality to support your interaction with it.

Roadmap 2020

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Meet our founding team

Our founding team is the ideal mix of the three key elements within the innovation DNA
Dr. Rudy Snippe

Dr. Rudy Snippe

Visionary Innovation Dynamics

“By creating an organization that enables instead of holding back, I want to provide an environment for experts to work together to unleash their potential”.

Wouter Goedvriend

Wouter Goedvriend

Information & Technology Dynamics

"Challenge driven work environments generate so much energy it has become my most desired way of working, besides that I want to create a technology based environment where everything that is not a challenge is 100% automated."

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