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Unable to innovate?

Companies around the world recognize that they are struggling with development and innovation. They notice that they are stuck in the current organizational structures, but do not yet have a good alternative. This when companies are faced with major challenges, such as digital transformation and automation or the impact that a pandemic like Covid-19 entails. One cannot digitize the current situation, because that would mean digitizing history.

Main problems...

Organizations are hardly able to develop and innovate with “the shop door open”. The organization is focused on keeping the existing performance engine going.

Organizations are unable to find the right experts for their outstanding issues, let alone keep them within the company. This is even more difficult after the corona pandemic. "The war for talent and the war to keep talent" takes on another dimension. Companies need expertise that has been partly cut back.

experts feel hindered in their intellectual performance by the task-oriented organizational structures, while they want to solve complex puzzles.

The Stocastic Solution

Stocastic World is a digital virtual world, entirely based and designed on the basis of scientific research.

In this world, companies have access to all experts (talent) on our planet and can thus make use of an inexhaustible amount of expertise.

Thanks to the design of Stocastic World, experts can work 24/7 on complex challenges that companies have introduced without obstacles that they normally experience and regardless of where they are.

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Our team is the ideal mix of the key elements within the innovation DNA
Dr. Rudy Snippe

Dr. Rudy Snippe

Visionary Innovation Dynamics

“By creating an organization that enables instead of holding back, I want to provide an environment for experts to work together to unleash their potential”.

Wouter Goedvriend

Wouter Goedvriend

Information & Technology Dynamics

"Challenge driven work environments generate so much energy it has become my most desired way of working, besides that I want to create a technology based environment where everything that is not a challenge is 100% automated."

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