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Welcome to the Stocastic introduction page. The challenges and issues faced by organizations today are proliferating more rapidly and are increasingly complex than ever before. This phenomenon is expected to continue into the future. It is almost a rule that the scope of these challenges and problems transcends the ability of individual organisation’s capabilities to resolve in a timely and effective fashion. This increases the need for a diversity of experts to solve the multifarious problems the organisation faces. However, experts are often hard to find, which ones are required is unclear, competition for them is fierce, and so, it is not always effective or efficient for organisations to source requisite expertise in traditional ways.

As this war for talent is increasing, experts are preferring to work on evermore complex problems independently, rather than being employed in the larger organisation. Experts desire more flexibility and greater freedom (and independence) than is often provided when working inside an organisation. Working outside the bounded rationality and limits of ‘the corporation’, affords them the ability to set their own direction and pursue their own interests, setting their own agenda, rather than being directed by the corporation with its drawbacks such as an already set agenda, hierarchy and bureaucracy. This exacerbates the difficulty the organisation faces in its search for mission-critical solutions.

Goal and mission 
Stocastic makes it possible to solve complicated, complex problems using a wide pool of expertise. That pool of experts (applying their expertise) approach the organisation’s problems from different perspectives and contexts. This contributes to timely problem definition, unbounded solutioning, innovation and to more sustainable business models; not to mention a potentially better world.

Stocastic shares problems in three layers; the explorative pioneers layer, the creative concept layer, and the smart implementation layer. Sign on to our test space to discover how this exciting concept works.

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